Hello beautiful people! Are u here for the first time or re-visiting? I want to say thank you for stopping by and taking your time to read this post . If you have not yet subscribe , follow , please do as it means a lot to me . Also check my previous post to catch up with so much juicy stuffs. Trust me , you will be happy πŸ˜† you did .< em>So straight to today’s post , if u ask me what I love most , people close to me will tell you Is bags πŸ’Ό. I thought to myself , this year ‘s post will be so incomplete without not writing ✍️ about 2017 bags that I love and adore and this is just my own personal take on them.As we all know for a women , handbag is an important accessory to complete your look . I believe style starts with a good handbag .carrying bags can also make whatever outfit you wear to look so stylish and coordinating . The perfect bag is everything you need , from a cool tote bag to amp your 9- 5 outfit , to a crossbody to polish your everyday day look. It all depends on the occasion . Like I always tell people, every woman should realise that you don’t have to break the bank or spend huge money on designer bags to look good . One good news is there are various dupes of most designer bags these days as long as you know what exactly you are going for . On the other hand , if you can afford , why not , go for it . There was a time I could not purchase any designer bag and over time , I gradually save up and got the bag of my dreams . One important tip for all women is no matter what you choose to wear , your choice of handbag will signify your style and polish your look . Accessories are so important in a woman’s wardrobe .So in the spirit of the season , I will be sharing with you my top 7 favourite handbags for 2017.CHANEL JUMBO BAG – I tell you what ! This bag is so iconic. Is one of the most used bag this year and every women all over the world have this piece . It’s been used predominantly. If you ever wanting to buy that one designer bag , please for this type of Chanel bag as you can rock it with anything and all every occasion . I will like to say something important to people that think getting a designer bag is waste of money πŸ’°.Like I said if you can’t afford , you can always get something close to this , this particular bag in 2007 was sold for Β£1,790, and as at Nov , 2017 Which was this year, the same bag was sold for Β£4,450. Can u see how it has incurred in value. So let’s say you actually bought it years ago and you want to sell now , you will still get far monetary value from when you bought it . So to me , having a good designer bag , is an investment. You can always sell it whenever you are tired of using them.TED BAKER EXOTIC ALISONN TRIM LEATHER MOON SHAPED BAG- I have been eyeing this bag for so long till I realised it was on sale for Β£209 as the original price was Β£299. I could not but help treat myself to one I thought it is just an exclusive piece . So is Definitely the second on my list 😍😍😍😍.CHLOE DREW MINI LEATHER SHOULDER BAG – This is the third on my list and my favourite purchase of the year , the demure taupe leather and Suede finish made it stand out . The magnetic fastening made the bag so precise and detailed . The motty grey came in is also an added advantage for my collection.LADY DIOR SUPPLE – My list won’t be complete without this beauty . It’s a versatile piece . As the name , is a lady like bag but at the same time , is so conservative. It comes in various colours . I love it in studded black and it was designed for spring 2017 and since then , it’s still in trend .DIORAMA CLUTCH – This clutch too has to definitely come on this list , I love πŸ’• the bag because is very practical and it has various sections where you can keep all your essentials on a go . To me , it’s just a wallet or clutch on a chain .I love the indecent colours the design came with .RED CHANEL MINI FLAP – I love this bag too because it is mini and so portable to carry around . The red colour is a fashion statement on its own .l also love it in coral colour too .

  • DKNY BAGS – I have so much to write on dkny bags , but it won’t be on this post , when I couldn’t afford the big brands of designer bags , dkny was a design I know that anybody who is just starting to use designer bags can get their hands after saving without not breaking the bank . I have a lot of their designs and I will be always be their loyal buyer for ever .I got my hands on couple of their 2017 designs and am still loving them . I want to advise you to check them up and you will thank me later .

So what’s your favourite bag of 2017? Do u like any particular brand in mind ? It does not have to be a designer bag ! I love to read from you guys as well as I learn a lot from the comment section as we are all here to learn from each other .share with others below !

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Hi I’m Lambam, mental health worker currently living in London . I love to inspire and motivate people around me with my positivity and words of encouragement as i understand that life is full of blessings and lessons . I also love fashion, beauty like every other women .

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