Who does not love a perfect red….. we all know the holiday season is around the year when we have parties to attend . Today i will personally recommend this lip paint for the festive season because with any look, is so perfect. I know a lot of us always find it difficult to apply a liquid lipstick as i had the same problem myself in the past, so on this post will be sharing steps on how to get your perfect red lip.

As we all know Fenty beauty is one of the buzziest makeup brands at the moment, it was launched couple of months ago and the brain behind the range is Rihanna . Her range of beauty products are inclusive, effective and super chic. 

When i got the lip paint couple of days, i was so happy with the packaging and of course is a liquid wearing formula, i love the bottle because it looks like a nail polish, have never had such before in my lip collection. The applicator is so on point, the colour is so amazing, the good news about the product is that’s blue- based red which is so perfect for any skin and it reminds me of my all time go to ruby woo mac lipstick which i keep purchasing over the years, but i was super happy i got a new found blue based red. when i wore it, i was out for good seven hours and it last so well even though it was formulated to stay on for twelve hours so i believed it can as it has a good stain power unlike some liquid lipsticks that are not food, water etc proof.  This is a must have for everyone during this festive period.

So back to my tips to get a perfect lip and it can be used for any red lips you want to make,these are the steps below;

  • Make sure you have a flawless base on your lips! Use a foundation on your lips to cover all discolouration as we can have some mustache and it will also colour correct the lips, this also helps the lipstick to stay longer.
  • Its important you use a lip liner of your choice to map out where the lipstick is going to go, its optional but necesssary for people with cute lips like me(LOL)  or not fuller lips .
  • Lastly and this is super important , apply the red lips within the lip liner and when you get to the corner of your lips, try and move your lips as you are applying so you can have that flawless sexy eye catching lips *winks.  

with this get ready to be served at all the holiday parties………… Thanks for reading, and of course i would love to read from you too by commenting, sharing with me some tips you know that can help me as well as i want to learn too………loveeeeeeeeee you all ……….LB.XX


Hi I’m Lambam, mental health worker currently living in London . I love to inspire and motivate people around me with my positivity and words of encouragement as i understand that life is full of blessings and lessons . I also love fashion, beauty like every other women .

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  1. It looks like nail polish😅. With your explanation, many will love it👌👌👍

    1. Awww thank you so much 😊

  2. Nice tips🖒

  3. Not a fan of red lips. But I will try it one day. Lol

    1. I understand is not everyone that love the bold lips 👄 but u can try it one day , is good sometimes to strong out of ur comfort zone🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. 😍😍

  4. Love me a bit of red lippy any day!
    This has got to be the ultimate red lippy of all since MAC’s Ruby Woo lol!
    Thanks for the info on this as I can’t wait to cop one and try it myself.

    1. Awww Thank you love 💕 for taking ur precious time to read my post 😍😍😍😍


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