Happy new week everyone! hope you had a well rested weekend?  when i decided to start blogging, i pictured myself creating a platform where i can share my knowledge on some vital life issues and pass my message across around the globe to people have not met in my life and at the same time, they can still connect with me and learn some things to keep them going in this journey we call life and also to learn from everyone here as we are all learning.

So back to today’s gist, POWER OF FAILURE!   I totally understand irrespective of age and maturity, we all feel lost sometimes, dealing with so many things at the same time in life can be so overwhelming, I  go through those phases too and i feel exactly the same. This morning i feel i should be a voice to the dying heart there so you can be revived.

I tell you what, failure should not impact your life , failure, heartbreak, betrayals, lack of some things you deserve desperately in your life at the moment are all in a place to redirect you to your designated destination. FAILURE IS A LESSON. Is like you are driving down a road and you reach a crossroads and for whatever reason you decided to take a road thinking it will lead to your destination and on the journey u later realised you are on the stuck in traffic, it means you have been cut from a greater impacts or delayed to get yourself ready and this goes for failed relationship,failed careers, failed health, failed marriages, financial problems etc. 

My point this morning is that l  don’t  want your failure to impact your goals and destiny ,failing does not mean we are failures. It is not the right timing for us when things are not happening on time with our needs.  One crucial thing i want us to understand is we are not born same year,  we are not the same colour for whatever reasons , we all have our place in this crazy orbit we call life. I want you to understand you are destined for greatness that’s why you are going through this. Some of us in life need more lessons than others. Some of the things l went through made me to be who i am today , i learnt by fire by force(LOL) . So funny right? but is just the truth. We will always face it, it’s those failures that will prepare you for unforseen challenges so we are not failures.

If something does not work for you for whatever reason, STAY STILL,  you only need to evaluate, don’t  hide, don’t  run, face it and deal with it. It’s not  too late in life!!!  whatever you loose or have lost is a not a complete loss, God will always have a path for you. At the end of the day, all of us have something but not all of us have everything. we all need to keep trying, you have to encourage yourself first, this is why SELF LOVE comes in, nobody will do it for you as most of us in life don’t even know our destination.

I learn everyday and am a working process. Everything i have seen has led me to this stage and  have prepared myself mentally for more, one fact about life is that the “STORM WILL COME” you will go through it. All you need is to stay steadfast. Destiny has a way of cutting down that supply! is not what you desperately need that will always come. Ask anybody that has great success, they will tell you what they went through before they got to their path today. 

As we getting closer to the end of the year, if you there thinking there are some things you feel is so pivotal in your life and  you don’t  have it now even after working hard for it this year, don’t see yourself as failure. personally, there are some things l wanted so bad too that i don’t  have at the moment but i know it will happen at the best time for me in as much as l don’t  relent in trying. I understand is not so easy but the spirit is to keep going. So whenever anybody tells you that your life is a failure, or you are not good enough, close your eyes and say to yourself your legacy will be great, so that’s why you are a little late, because you did not get it now does not mean you wont get it. YOU have to be brave enough to pick yourselves up as this is one thing you need throughout your life. THIS IS LIFE.

Life is the greatest lesson for all. wake up every day of our life and be happy, pat yourself on the back , tell yourself u are doing a good job trying and be positive. most importantly, remind yourself you are not a failure! if u fail? so ? U ARE NOT , U ARE A STAR IN THE MAKING.  STAY HOPEFUL. 

If you have enjoyed this post, please comment as i will love to read from you too, share with your friends because we all need that motivation . Have a fabulous  day ahead and thanks for reading……LB.XOXO


Hi I’m Lambam, mental health worker currently living in London . I love to inspire and motivate people around me with my positivity and words of encouragement as i understand that life is full of blessings and lessons . I also love fashion, beauty like every other women .

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  1. Sincerely speaking, this piece is very motivating. When it comes to encouragement, no age limit at all.
    Experience is the best teacher. May we gain positively from our experience😍👌👍

    1. Big Amen , thank you for reading 📖.xx

  2. Nice & sweet purple colour. I like your image☺😃😙


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