Today’s post will be about skin care products, when it comes to skin care products, it is a jungle out there because there are different types of products .Sometimes, you find yourself in a beauty stores, scratching your head and wondering what exactly you need.

What I think is important , is establishing a basic routine that’s easy to follow and you can start your journey to a flawless skin. I suffered from chronic acne since my teenage years . It took me years to understand what my skin needed and in a society where people judge you for everything most especially your look. I was bullied for my acne to the extent that it affected my confidence as a young girl growing up that time. I knew I had so much going on my face 不不不不that you can even fry eggs with the oil on my face 不不不不. My mum tried all she could by taking me to dermatologist, skin therapist . She bought different kinds of products and names I can remember are Noxema and Clarasil products. Talk of any acne creams or medication, I used all those days . So I can say she tried all she can for me to be acne free. Mum , if you reading this post , I love u so much and thank you for all you have been doing for me from my day one till now .

  • As I grew older and with experiences of what my super oily skin needs, One of the first step that helped me was recognising the type of skin type I had .After taking my time and been consistent with my daily routine . I have a clearer face now than what it used to be before . So today I will be sharing tips that am still using and it still working for me ;
  • CLEANSER – The first step to any routine is cleansing . There are various cleansers for different skin types and condition. They are good because they clean the skin and prep the skin for other products.
  • TONER – My second step is toner . They remove dirt that may have been left in the skin after cleansing. One thing I love toner for is , it restores and balance the skin’s alkaline level . Is also important you get a toner that works for your type of skin .
  • MOISTURISER – This help to add moisture to my skin, and because I have an oily skin, I use moisturiser they help to balance oil water content of my skin. This is so important as the first and second step . The first three steps should be done twice a day ; morning and night .

SUNSCREEN – This is also vital and no one should skip this step as it helps to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation. If you expose your skin to daily sun without sunscreen , it can lead to hyper pigmentation, ageing, skin cancer, reduction of elastic and collagen . Most women skip this part because they feel is not important. I tell you , it’s essential and there are different types that fits in to variety of skin conditions. The good news is there are oil free sunscreen for people of my skin type that is infused with antioxidants. I recommend minimum of SPF 30 daily . Please use it once a day (morning ).However, there is a routine that can help you to achieve that glow too but it can be done on a weekly basis or twice a week , it all depends on your schedule. EXFOLIATION This is the removal of dead skin layer of the skin that brings about fullness of the skin . There are various ways you can achieve it , some women go for strong surgical peels, while some go for scrub . It all depends on your preference. What this does is , it increase cell turnover rapidly , deep pore cleansing . This has helped my skin so much . A lot of times , all we can do is to know our skin types and condition so we can have a clue on how to care for our skin . We need that good base before makeup application. I hope you found this helpful ……. I know a lot of people will have questions ranging from what products can they use? How do I know what’s best for my skin type?How do I treat skin problems ? Please comment below and I will be happy to help you in a any way I can. Thanks for reading .LB.

  • Hi Im Lambam, mental health worker currently living in London . I love to inspire and motivate people around me with my positivity and words of encouragement as i understand that life is full of blessings and lessons . I also love fashion, beauty like every other women .

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    1. Skin needs good care. But it vital to check which product good for individual. Thanks for your explanation on this important part of our body

      1. Thank you for taking time to read my content . Sending you love

    2. Good job on the topic..will pay attention to my routine as I sometimes forget all about that after a long day.

      1. Well I can relate with that part of forgetting as we all get exhausted after a long day . .

    3. thank you sis .i can remember those days lol

      1. Sis ,those days were so fresh in my head like it was just yesterday . Thanks for stopping by

    4. Hmmm. I’m learning from our beauty therapist. All noted!

      1. Am so humbled . Thank you for reading


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